Our Day at Busy Bee Day Nursery in Knowle, Bristol

Our educators are fantastic at supporting the needs and interests of our children, and so our routines are flexible with each day in order to meet the needs of individual children.

However, every day we make time for:


We understand greetings are a really important start to the nursery day for both children and families.

Our educators are ready to greet you and your child one-to-one, every time you enter or leave the nursery: it’s a valuable time to share key information and give a feeling of warmth and security to you and your child.






Coming together at the beginning of the morning and afternoon is a great opportunity for children and educators to build connections.

We encourage children to share ideas, listen to each other and think about the day ahead.

For our younger children, we meet in a slightly different way: we share stories, song and rhyme.






Children have access to a wide range of resources and natural materials within a free-flow environment.

The children are given plenty of time to make choices about their learning.

For older children, this can mean spending time exploring ideas and deepening their interests.




Being outside


Children’s connection to the outdoors is extremely important. We view our garden as an extension of our free-flow environment: where children are able to replicate their indoor experiences, to the outside.

Our garden has been carefully developed by our dedicated educators, to support all areas of our children’s development.

Children regularly engage in forest  school activities helping to build a connection with nature, solve problems and understand risk.






We believe mealtimes are valuable  social events. Snacks are offered to the children in the morning and afternoon.

Children set the tables for their friends and serve their own lunches, using china crockery and real utensils. Our oldest infant/toddlers are introduced to these in preparation for transition.

Our children regularly make their own tea, rolling pizza dough, buttering their own bread, helping to cut fruit and vegetables.






Our spaces are designed to stimulate and engage  children, and  sometimes that can be tiring work.

We have quiet and calm areas for our children to spend time resting or sleeping if they want to.



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