Our image of the child

We have a very strong image of children. We believe each child is a unique individual with their own developing personality.

Children are confident, inquisitive and capable learners. They are full of potential, naturally imaginative, expressive and learn best when encouraged to follow their own interests. They are strong, sensitive, innocent, independent and capable of feeling a full range of emotions.

They are people in their own right who want to engage in positive relationships – children are worthy of our respect.

What is the ‘Reggio Emilia approach’?

We draw inspiration from the ‘Reggio Emilia approach’ to early childhood education. This approach is centred around a strong image of, and respect for, the child, which forms the foundation for the decisions educators make about working with children. In order to document and reflect upon children’s learning, educators closely observe through photography, notes and video.

In line with this approach, we make careful decisions about three areas:

  • The interactions of children and educators, the interactions between children, and interactions between educators
  • The types of resources we offer to children within a rich environment
  • Developing links with parents, local businesses and organisations, building a sense of community


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